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Whether you have been accused of a crime or charged with one, you need an attorney both knowledgeable in the law and your Constitutional Rights, and dedicated to defending your rights fearlessly and professionally in all the Courts of Alabama, and against anyone that has brought a criminal charge against you. Just because you have been accused or charged, that does not mean you have been proven Guilty.  You have rights, and Herbie Brewer will fight for you.


Herbie Brewer is an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney, having served as a Judge, Chief Deputy District Attorney, a former Police detective, and having defended every type of criminal case for over thirty-one (31) years.


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Allow us to provide you with practical and aggressive legal representation while we guide you through the criminal defense system and find the right course of action for your case.  Herbie Brewer has vast experience and is widely recognized as an expert in defending every type of criminal charge in both State and Federal Courts, including, but not limited to, Capital Murder, all types of Homicide cases, Drug Cases, Robberies, Thefts, Domestic Violence, Assaults, Sexual Offenses, Weapons Charges, DUIs, Traffic Violations, Boating Violations and Violations of the Fish and Game Laws.


If you have been charged with a “criminal offense”, or believe you are under investigation and may be charged, schedule an appointment for a confidential consultation.  We provide criminal defense representation for cases in both State and Federal Court Jurisdictions.


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  • Felony

  • Misdemeanor

  • Negligence or wrongful death

  • Juvenile delinquency

  • School hearings

  • Probation violations

  • Municipal violations

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